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Tim Hunt, Author at Hammond and Harper

Clerical Garment Types and Care

Tim Hunt on 26th January 2022

Vestment is the term for a formal article of clothing that is worn by the people who conduct a worship service. Vestments originated as ordinary street clothes of the first century, but have more or less remained the same as clothing fashions have changed.¬†Clerical is the term to describe the distinctive street clothing that clergy […]

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Clerical Clothing Symbolism: Things you need to know

Tim Hunt on 15th September 2021

Clothing is one of the most important aspects for the figureheads of religious communities. In the church, the attire symbolises the roles and denominations of key individuals within the organisation. The clothes that people wear inside their ministry could convey a great deal to the meaning and history behind them.

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Clerical Collars and Shirts: Making the right choice

Tim Hunt on 19th July 2021

When it comes to clerical collars and shirts, there is a time and place for each type – whether it be the more traditional choices, such as Vicars, Slip-In and Tonsure to more hybrid styles like clerical bib-stocks and accessories.

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Shirts & Collars

Tim Hunt on 20th May 2021

Refresh your off-duty collection without breaking the bank. Our men’s Clip-in Shirts boasts both vibrant colour palettes and eye-catching prints to a range of long sleeve pieces, including styles from the most contemporary styles.

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Clerical Clothing: Simple, elegant and traditional

Tim Hunt on 20th May 2021

Clerical clothing has strictly adhered to codified rules that were implemented to bring uniformity to those devoted to the Church. Priests and vicars were easily identifiable by the clothing they wore – most prominently by the collar that featured around their neck. With modern times, these rules have softened and nowadays priests need a more […]

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What colours would you like to see next?

Tim Hunt on 26th January 2021

With the introduction of the Dual-Collar Clerical Blouse into our women’s clerical range, we saw a huge response from many who wanted to see more products specifically designed for women. When our customers speak, we listen. Your feedback means everything to us and product quality, diverse options and customer service will always remain at the […]

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