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The Dress Down: The Ongoing Informality of Church Service

A couple of years ago, the Church of England approved the relaxation of canon law to allow its clergy to conduct services without traditional vestments.

Hot Under The Collar: Clerical Wear in the Summer

Here's some of our top tips and tricks for staying cool in your clerical wear this summer.

The Catholic Origins of the Graduation Cap

With the season of graduation upon us, we take a look at the origins of the graduation cap and its Catholic roots in the church.

Vatican Breaks Record for Vestments Exhibit

The Vatican provided some of its most sacred pieces of liturgical vestments from the Sistine Chapel's sacristy to a New York gallery for secular exhibition.

The Rising Figures of Women Clergy

As CofE release rising figures in women clergy members, H&H remain committed to an inclusive product range for all members of the clergy.

Changing of the Garb - Clergy Fashion

We take a look into how religious garments have changed over the years and why it's important that they do.

Mens Special Clerical Collection

Our brand new special clerical clip-in range is now available for purchase! 10 different colours, styles and patterns, all featuring our newly designed clip-in collar.

The Art of the Collar

We discuss the origins of the infamous clerical collar, its adoption during the Oxford Movement, and it's symbolism and meaning.

Hammond and Harper at the Edinburgh Heart and Soul Festival

Hammond and Harper will be in attendance at the Edinburgh Heart and Soul Festival on 22 May 2016. This years theme is "People of the Way". Find us and say hello!

My faith was born in the class of '53

Priestly Brook explains the events that led to the birth of his faith as a child.