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Catholic Origins
Interesting Facts About Clergy Shirts and Collars

Depending on how familiar you are with clerical clothing, you may or may not be familiar on the reasons why clergy shirts are worn.  In the case of religion, clerical garbs send a clear message that someone who is wearing them is in service to the church.

Catholic Origins
Evolution of Clerical Fashion: Formal, casual and everything in between

The evolution of clerical garbs and dresses has been in constant motion and has continued to change and evolve alongside contemporary fashion. Looking back through the decades lets us see how clerical outfitting has changed and where we may expect it to go in the future…

Catholic Origins
Clerical Collars: Symbolism and Meaning

The clerical collar is an item adorned as part of Christian clerical clothing. The clerical collar is an item adorned as part of Christian clerical clothing. Clerical collars are detachable and the styling allows them inserted or buttoned onto a clergy shirt. They are often fastened by a few metal studs, attached at the front […]

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Catholic Origins
Clerical Garment Types and Care

Vestment is the term for a formal article of clothing that is worn by the people who conduct a worship service. Vestments originated as ordinary street clothes of the first century, but have more or less remained the same as clothing fashions have changed. Clerical is the term to describe the distinctive street clothing that clergy […]

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Clerical Clothing Symbolism: Things you need to know

Clothing is one of the most important aspects for the figureheads of religious communities. In the church, the attire symbolises the roles and denominations of key individuals within the organisation. The clothes that people wear inside their ministry could convey a great deal to the meaning and history behind them.