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In The Frame
Why the white Collar?

It started out as something from popular fashion and then later took on a deeper spiritual meaning. We take an in-depth look at the evolution of the white clerical collar and its symbolic transition over time.

The New Normal
Staying Safe During Church Services

As we begin to transition into a new way of life, we must re-evaluate how we keep each other safe whilst resuming our normal activities. We have compiled some of the new systems that many churches across the UK are implementing into how they conduct their regular service.

In The Frame
Conducting Online Services during COVID-19

The change to daily life during the Coronavirus pandemic has forced many churches to temporarily halt their regular services for their congregation. However, this temporary measures may have positive effects and provide churches with an opportunity to extend their community and build relationships for the future.

Clip-in & Go
Shirts & Collars

Refresh your off-duty collection without breaking the bank. Our men’s Clip-in Shirts boasts both vibrant colour palettes and eye-catching prints to a range of long sleeve pieces, including styles from the most contemporary styles.

An important update from H&H

We are currently facing a life-changing situation and we want you to know that our customers, our employees and our community is in mind with everything we do. Whilst we are striving to run our operations largely as normal, all of your health and safety are our top priorities and at the heart of every […]

In The Frame
Priest Clothing and the Call to Vocation

Many Priests break into a sweat the first time they shop for a clerical shirt. Rev. Brendan Busse had nine years to go before he would become a priest, and the idea of wearing the black collar and white tab that would prompt strangers to call him “father” unnerved him. He recognised that those “clothes […]