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In The Frame
Priest Clothing and the Call to Vocation

Many Priests break into a sweat the first time they shop for a clerical shirt. Rev. Brendan Busse had nine years to go before he would become a priest, and the idea of wearing the black collar and white tab that would prompt strangers to call him “father” unnerved him. He recognised that those “clothes […]

From the streets of London
Humble Origins

Started in a small studio in London, the H&H brand has committed itself to serving the ever-changing clothing needs of the clergy. Our quality and service have allowed us to grow over the last 10 years, but we remain a small and independent company. Learn who we are and where we came from.

The Dress Down
The Ongoing Informality of Church Service

The focus on clerical surplices has shifted in recent years as the CofE announced in July 2017 that vicars would not be required to wear formal robes and vestments to conduct service. The C of E’s ruling body, the synod, meeting in York, gave its final approval to a change in canon law on “the vesture […]

Hot Under The Collar
Clerical Wear in the Summer

With some of the hottest temperatures recorded in history throughout the UK, it’s time that we talk about how to stay cool in the remaining summer months. We know that the burden of clerical wear in the summer can often be the rigid structure of the collar to allow for a crisp clerical collar insert. […]

Catholic Origins
The Graduation Cap

The graduation ceremony is a coming-of-age tradition and has remained a prestigious acknowledgement of someone successfully achieving an academic milestone. With many aspects of the graduation ceremony changing over the years, one traditional garment seems impervious from going out of fashion – the graduation cap. Along with the gown, the graduation cap is one of the […]

Hammond and Harper Blog
Vatican Breaks Record for Vestments Exhibit

In 2018, the Vatican lent some of its most sacred pieces of liturgical vestments from the Sistine Chapel’s sacristy to a New York gallery for secular exhibition. the Metropolitan Museum of Art is titled Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. It is said to be the most popular show that the Met has ever conducted, breaking […]