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Each day seems to bring a new shocking headline that can make us question our faith in a world gone mad. A knife attack in London that kills one and wounds several others. A Roman Catholic priest murdered by ISIS sympathizers in France. Multiple terrorist attacks on the European continent. The uncertainty of the UK’s place in […]

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My Five Favourite Bible Verses

  There are many verses in the bible that can guide a Christian in their day to day lives. If each of us was to round up our top five verses, I’m sure our lists would differ hugely. However, I am pleased to present my own favourite verses and an explanation of the impact they’ve […]

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Hammond and Harper at the Edinburgh Heart and Soul Festival

Edinburgh Heart and Soul Festival! Hammond and will be in attendance at the Edinburgh Heart and Soul Festival in Scotland, Sunday May 2016, working alongside Lockie Church. We have some exciting projects this year and we will be using the festival as an opportunity to announce one! If you want to hear what exciting announcements we have planned […]

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Testing the faith

Throughout our lives, we are constantly putting our faith in other human beings, such as the pilot that flies our plane and the surgeon that carries out our operation. Although we know that there is a possibility the plane may crash and the operation may go wrong, we have faith in their abilities. Faith is […]

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The true meaning of Christmas

A Christmas whirlwind What is Christmas like for a priest? I have been asked this many times. I always describe it as a whirlwind of various services, all building up to the big Christmas morning communion. On the big day the church was always packed to the rafters and the pressure was high as I […]

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Priestly’s top 10 fundraising ideas for churches

The art of fundraising Our church was struggling to make ends meet so it was agreed that the congregation should be asked to raise their giving. One elderly lady did as asked, proudly announcing to the rest of the congregation that she would be doubling her direct debit amount. What she neglected to mention was […]