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Priestly Brook articles
The true meaning of Christmas

A Christmas whirlwind What is Christmas like for a priest? I have been asked this many times. I always describe it as a whirlwind of various services, all building up to the big Christmas morning communion. On the big day the church was always packed to the rafters and the pressure was high as I […]

Priestly Brook articles
Priestly’s top 10 fundraising ideas for churches

The art of fundraising Our church was struggling to make ends meet so it was agreed that the congregation should be asked to raise their giving. One elderly lady did as asked, proudly announcing to the rest of the congregation that she would be doubling her direct debit amount. What she neglected to mention was […]

Priestly Brook articles
Baptism in the modern day

Once upon a time in Cononley I was only seven weeks old when I was baptised at the Back Lane Methodist Church in Cononley. It was 1942 and my father was working on the submarines at Vicker’s Shipyard at Barrow in Furness. My mother wished to join him there but the rest of the family […]

Priestly Brook articles
5 top tech tips – the infographic

The above infographic was adapted from Priestly Brook’s 5 top tech tips for your church article. We received such a positive response to the piece, that we decided to construct an image to illustrate Priestly’s advice. If you would like to download and print a copy of the infographic, simply click on the link below […]

Priestly Brook articles
Top five bible stories

As a child I always looked forward to hearing stories from the bible at Sunday school. It was only in adulthood though that I began to recognise more of the truths the stories contained and how the valuable lessons they taught us could be applied to modern life. The following five stories are the ones […]

Hammond & Harper news
Hammond & Harper of London celebrate summer with short sleeve offer

We are pleased to announce the return of our special short sleeve offer, which will award you a 10% discount on all short sleeve clerical shirts this summer. As from today, our customers can save a little extra when they purchase any short sleeve clerical shirt from both our men’s and women’s range. So if […]