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Summer suns are glowing

It is around Ascension day that I usually start to feel the warmth and glow of summer in both mind and body.  Shaking off the dust of Lent and the darkness of Good Friday, the sunshine gives us a marvellous lift. But summer brings with it more than this healthy glow. For the church, it […]

Priestly Brook articles
My faith was born in the class of ’53

Educating Skipton A young teacher from Belfast, whose wedding I attended, had accepted a teaching post at a primary school near the market town of Skipton, Yorkshire. She had a lovely Irish accent and on her first day she asked the pupils to guess where she came from. Hands went up and several different origins […]

Priestly Brook articles
I walked today where Jesus walked

A second pilgrimage Christine and I stood in the roof garden of the Golden Walls Hotel, close to the Damascus Gate overlooking Jerusalem. We heard from within the walls the sound of the call to prayers and of the market traders shouting their wares, whilst the bright sunlight reflected off the sea of white buildings […]

Priestly Brook articles
The joys and challenges of priesthood

Baptism of fire A frustrated priest, having taken up his very first parish as incumbent, returns from his opening Church Council with every one of his suggestions for church growth rejected. Kneeling at his bedside that night he pleads, “Lord, why do you persecute me so?” And the good Lord answers, “Persecution, my son? Wait […]

Priestly Brook articles
Lent – can you sacrifice the thing you love most?

Cream cakes and parking spaces A few years ago a lady church warden decided to give up cream buns for Lent. Each day on her way to her office she usually called at the local bakers to buy four of them. She’d eat one on arrival at work, another in her morning break, a further […]

Priestly Brook articles
Introducing humour to your sermons

Humour on the big screen I’ve just watched the film Keeping Mum for the third time. For me it’s compulsive viewing, with intrigue, murder and romance revolving around the village of Little Wallop. In the midst of this is the vicar, the Reverend Walter Goodfellow, played by Rowan Atkinson. The Reverend lacks confidence and has […]