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Lent – can you sacrifice the thing you love most?

Cream cakes and parking spaces A few years ago a lady church warden decided to give up cream buns for Lent. Each day on her way to her office she usually called at the local bakers to buy four of them. She’d eat one on arrival at work, another in her morning break, a further […]

Priestly Brook articles
Introducing humour to your sermons

Humour on the big screen I’ve just watched the film Keeping Mum for the third time. For me it’s compulsive viewing, with intrigue, murder and romance revolving around the village of Little Wallop. In the midst of this is the vicar, the Reverend Walter Goodfellow, played by Rowan Atkinson. The Reverend lacks confidence and has […]

Priestly Brook articles
Skipping Christmas

Bad casting I’m sat in the crowd at a school’s nativity play amongst the usual gathering of parents and siblings. Two lads in the top class can’t stand the sight of one another, but have still been given parts of Joseph and the Inn Keeper. This proves to be a disastrous piece of casting. With […]

Priestly Brook articles
Worshiping across the pond

America It’s hard to believe but until I was 50, I had never travelled outside the British Isles! So for such a parochial lad – now a retired priest – to travel across the Atlantic was amazing. The flights for Christine and I were arranged by our friends Alan and Jo, who have a second […]

Priestly Brook articles
A rainbow of clerical shirts

The Farmer I’ll never forget, in my late teens, throwing caution to the wind and embarking on a horse drawn caravan holiday with my friends. One night, whilst looking for a place to stable our horses, we came across a farmer. He was wearing two collarless shirts: one that appeared grubby covered by one a […]