Priestly Brook articles

My Five Favourite Bible Verses

The Reverend, Priestly Brook provides us with his 5 favourite bible verses, and relates them to his life experiences.

Testing the faith

Throughout a person's life, their faith in God will inevitably be tested. Priestly Brook explores some of the causes of a loss of faith and also explains how it can be restored.

The true meaning of Christmas

Rev Priestly discusses the pressures he experienced officiating throughout the advent season. He also has some great tips for preaching to a larger congregation.

Priestly's top 10 fundraising ideas for churches

Priestly rounds up his top 10 fundraising ideas for churches. From sponsored bungee jumps to craft fairs, these tried and tested tips could inspire your next winning fundraiser.

Baptism in the modern day

Priestly looks at how the Baptisms have changed over time and shares some advice for ministers officiating these ceremonies.

5 top tech tips - the infographic

In an eye catching infographic, Priestly Brook explains how churches can use technology to reach out to their community more effectively.

Top five bible stories

The truths of the Bible will come to life as you read these ancient yet timeless parables. The summary provides a brief synopsis to each of Priestly's top five bible stories.

Five technology tips for your Church

Rev Priestly Brooks presents five technology tips for your church and stresses the importance of using 21st century tools to reach out to your congregation.

Preparing for Priesthood

Priestly looks back at his own ordination and offers some wise tips for anyone preparing for priesthood.

Priestly's guide to officiating at a funeral

Since retiring from everyday ministerial duties, Priestly Brook has accrued a wealth of knowledge in the art of officiating funerals. Here, he shares the "do's and don'ts"...