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The Catholic Origins of the Graduation Cap

With the season of graduation upon us, we take a look at the origins of the graduation cap and its Catholic roots in the church.

The Dorcas Dress Project - Fastening faith and fashion together

It was back in September 2017 when we first came across the Dorcas Dress Project. Now we'd like to share their story with you...

A History of the Polo Shirt: From the Fields to the Pulpits

The humble polo shirt has an interesting story to tell. It has found its way into all walks of life, a contemporary fashion necessity.

Beyond Tolerance - Lessons from the war on sectarianism

Father Dave is an Anglican priest, author and philanthropist based in Australia. He recently travelled to Syria to tackle the subject of the sectarian war.

The Art of the Collar

We discuss the origins of the infamous clerical collar, its adoption during the Oxford Movement, and it's symbolism and meaning.


ISIS inspired attacks in France, terrorism more prevalent than ever within Europe. In an uncertain world, not succumbing to fear is the perennial challenge of the Christian faith.