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Privacy Policy

The data controller in this instance is Lockie Group and ALL of its registered companies.

This Privacy Policy applies to the website you are currently using and the websites of other companies with the group. This Privacy Policy, or a modified version of it, will be available on ALL Lockie Group companies’ websites.

Throughout the policy below Lockie Group will be referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’.

We are committed to gathering, storing and using the data we collect on you in a reasonable and transparent way. That’s why we have gone to great length to update our Privacy Policy, to reflect GDPR (2018).

The Privacy Policy below covers the following areas;

  • It identifies the types of personal data that we collect
  • It explains how and why we collect and use your personal data
  • It clarifies the extent to which (if any) we share your personal data
  • It divulges the rights and choices that you have when it comes to your personal data

 We offer a wide range of products and services, so we want you to be clear about what this Policy covers. This Policy applies to you if you use our services (referred to in this Policy as “our Services”).

 Using ‘‘our Services’’ means:

  • Shopping with us over the phone, online or through the post
  • Being a member of our mailing lists
  • Engaging in any of our promotional activities (including discount and loyalty schemes)
  • Interacting and/or engaging with us through our social media accounts

Please be aware, that our Websites may contain links to other websites, for example through our Blog. Websites operated by other organisations will enforce their own privacy policies. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions and privacy policies carefully before providing any personal data on any other websites, as we do not accept any responsibility or liability for the websites of other organisations.

The personal details that we collect

This section tells you what personal data we may collect from you when you use ‘‘our Services’’ and the personal data that we may gather from other sources.

When you register for our Services, you may provide us with:

  • Your personal details, including your postal and billing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and date of birth and title
  • Information relating to your membership of any of our clubs or discount schemes
  • Your account login details, such as your username and the password that you have chosen

When you shop with us online or browse our Websites, we may collect:

  • Information about your online purchases (for example, what you have bought, when and where you bought it and how you paid for it)
  • Information about your online browsing behaviour on our Websites and information about when you click on one of our adverts (including those shown on other organisations’ websites e.g Facebook)
  • Information about any devices you have used to access our Services (including the make, model and operating system, IP address, browser type and mobile device identifiers)

 When you contact us or we contact you or invite you take part in promotions, competitions, surveys or questionnaires about our Services, we may collect:

  • Personal data you provide about yourself anytime you contact us about our Services (for example, your name, username and contact details), including by phone, email or post or when you speak with us through social media
  • Details of the emails and other digital communications we send to you that you open, including any links in them that you click on
  • Your feedback and contributions to customer surveys and questionnaires

 Other Sources of Personal Data:

We may also use personal data from other sources, such our self-managed social media accounts. It is our belief that this personal data helps us to:

  • Manage your customer experience with Lockie Group companies effectively
  • Review and improve the accuracy of the data we hold; and
  • Improve and measure the effectiveness of our marketing communications

HOW and WHY we use your personal data

To offer our services to you;

  • Manage the accounts you hold with us
  • Process your orders and refunds


  • We need to process your personal data so that we can manage your customer account, provide you with the goods and services you want to buy and help you with any orders and refunds you may require.

 To manage our daily operations;

  • Manage and improve our Websites


  • We use cookies and similar technologies on our Websites to improve your customer experience. Some cookies are necessary so you should not disable these if you want to be able to use all the features of our Websites.
  • You can disable other cookies but this may affect your customer experience.
  • For more information about cookies and how you can disable them please visit http://www.aboutcookies.org or search online.

Help to develop and improve our product range, services, IT systems and the way that we communicate with you;


  • We rely on the use of personal data to carry out market research and internal R&D, with the hope of offering you better products, services and online shopping experiences.

Help to detect and prevent fraud or other criminal activity;


  • It is very important for us to monitor how our Services are used, in order to detect and prevent fraud, other crimes and the misuse of services.
  • This helps us to make sure that you can safely use our Services.

Personalise your experience with our brands;

  • We use the online browsing behaviour we gather as well as your online purchases to help us better understand you as a customer and provide you with personalised offers and services.


  • This helps us meet your needs as a customer. We want to offer your great products and service and we believe that using your data in this was is necessary to do so. For example, if your buying behaviour indicates you have a favourite product or regular purchase, we’d like to make sure you know if there is a promotion or change to this product.

 Provide you with relevant marketing communications (including by email, post or online advertising), relating to our products and services;


  • We want to ensure that we provide you with marketing communications, including online advertising, that are relevant to your interests. To achieve this we also measure your responses to marketing communications relating to products and services we offer, which also means we can offer you products and services that better meet your needs as a customer.
  • You can make choice relating to the ways we contact you, both when you register with us, and at any time after that.
  • You have the right to opt in or opt out of our mailing and promotional campaigns

Contact and interact with you;

  • Contact you about our Services, for example by phone, email or post or by responding to social media posts that you have directed at us.


  • We want to interact and engage with you as our customer

Manage promotions, questionnaires, surveys and competitions you take part in;


  • We need to process your personal data so that we can manage the promotions and competitions you choose to enter.

Sharing Personal Data within Lockie Group companies

We may share the personal data that we collect with other companies within the Lockie Group. We will treat the data in accordance to this Privacy Policy, or the Privacy Policy on the individual website (if different). We advise that you familiarise yourself with the Privacy Policy on each website when you visit it.

Lockie Church

Occasionally personal data may be shared with this organisation to help them us improve their service and make their marketing communications more relevant to you. The data will be subject to the Privacy Policy of Lockie Group.

Website – http://www.lockiechurch.com/

Pillarbox Packaging

Occasionally personal data may be shared with this organisation to help us to improve their service and make their marketing communications more relevant to you. The data will be subject to the Privacy Policy of Lockie Group.

Website – https://www.pillarboxpackaging.com/

Hammond and Harper of London

Occasionally personal data may be shared with this organisation to help us to improve their service and make their marketing communications more relevant to you. The data will be subject to the Privacy Policy of Lockie Group.

Website – http://hammondandharperoflondon.com/

JW Products

Occasionally personal data may be shared with this organisation to help us to improve their service and make their marketing communications more relevant to you. The data will be subject to the Privacy Policy of Lockie Group.

Website – https://www.jwproducts.co.uk/


We use cookies and similar technologies, such as tags and pixels (“Cookies”), to personalise and improve your customer experience as you use our Websites and to provide you with relevant online advertising.

This section provides more information about Cookies, including how we use them and how you can exercise your choices about our use of Cookies.

How we use Cookies

  • Cookies are small data files that allow a website to collect and store a range of data on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.
  • Cookies help us to provide important features and functionality on our Websites, and we use them to improve your customer experience.

We use Cookies to do the following:

 To continuously improve the way that our Website works

  • Cookies allow us to improve our Websites, as we can personalise your online experience
  • For example, cookies could allow us to remember the contents of your shopping basket or email address when you log-in.

To continuously improve the performance of our Website

  • Cookies can help us to understand how our Websites are being used, for example, by telling us if you get an error messages as you browse or if webpage is running slowly.

 Deliver relevant online advertising*

  • We use Cookies to help us deliver online advertising that we believe is most relevant to you on our Websites and other organisations’ websites.
  • For example, a Cookie could be used to identify a part of our website that you have visited frequently. This would suggest that you might be interested with the product or information on this page. Subsequently, you many notice advertisements for these products when you leave our website and visit a social media platform or another website. This is intended to be an appropriate advertisement for you, based on your online behaviour.

Measuring the effectiveness of our marketing communications, such as online advertising

  • Following on from the last point*, cookies can tell us if you have seen a specific advert, and how long it has been since you have seen it.
  • This information allows us to measure the effectiveness of our online advertising campaigns and control the number of times you are shown an advert.

 Your choices when it comes to Cookies

  • You can use your browser settings to accept or reject new Cookies and to delete existing Cookies. You can also set your browser to notify you each time new Cookies are placed on your computer or other device. You can find more detailed information about how you can manage here http://www.aboutcookies.org.
  • If you choose to disable some or all Cookies, you may not be able to make full use of our Websites. For example, you may not be able to add items to your shopping basket, proceed to checkout, or use any of our products and services that require you to sign in.

How we protect your personal data

  • We recognise the importance in protecting and managing your personal data. Below, you will find an outline of some of the measures we have in place.
  • We use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, and we enforce physical access controls to our buildings and files to keep this data safe.
  • We only authorise access to employees who need it to carry out their job responsibilities.
  • We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates to provide a secure communication channel between our web server and your browser. This is to ensure any personal information you submit via our website is protected from eavesdroppers and is encrypted in transit.  When you enter a secure part of our website you will see a padlock or key icon appear in the address bar of your browser. Information about our SSL certificate can be found by clicking on this padlock
  • We enforce physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage and disclosure of personal data.
  • We may occasionally ask for proof of identity before we share your personal data with you.

We update and review the measures that we take to protect your data online and offline regularly, in accordance to GDPR (2018) and ICO guidelines.

However, whilst we take appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your personal data, please note that we cannot guarantee the security of any personal data that you transfer over the internet to us.

Marketing and market research

This section explains the choices you have when it comes to receiving marketing communications and taking part in market research.

  • We will send you relevant offers and news about our products and services in a number of ways including by email, but only if you have previously agreed to receive these marketing communications.
  • When you register with us we will ask if you would like to receive marketing communications, and you can change your marketing choices online, over the phone or in writing at any time.
  • We also like to hear your views to help us to improve our Services, so we may contact you for market research purposes.
  • You always have the choice about whether to take part in our market research

Rights of access (to your personal data)

Within our Privacy Policy we consider, without discrimination, Right of Access requests. We will also carry out any request for personal data to be forgotten.

That is to say, that individuals have the right to access their personal data and any supplementary information we many hold on them, should they request it.

Following a request we will aim to provide the requested information within a month and free of charge in accordance with ICO guidelines.

However, there may be small administration fee in some circumstances and/ or delays in the disclosure of information, if the request is deemed excessive or repetitive.

We will follow the Right of Access guidelines in accordance with the ICO when dealing with such a request.