Roman Purple Tonsure Shirt - Double Cuff

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Roman Purple Tonsure Shirt featuring double cuffs and a Tonsure Collar. This is a favoured option for many of our H&H customers. This clergy shirt comes in a vibrant Purple and the polycotton fabric of the shirt (65% Polyester / 35% Cotton) makes it easy to iron and long lasting.

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Tony from Hampshire
Another excellent purchase. Everything part of the purchase was extremely simple and straightforward
Always excellent quality and fit and the best price I could find.
Lynne from South Wales
Excellent service. Shirt arrived sooner than expected and the quality is excellent. No complaints at all.
Excellent all round. I would use this service again.
Tim Cookie from Penrith
Student discount offered and received by return. Easy to place order. Speedy delivery with good communication.
Was really impressed with the quality, which was not sacrificed despite being such a good price. Fit is excellent. Well wrapped and presented too.
Dr Peter Carlsson from Australia
I have bought so many brands of clerical shirt and all of them do not match the quality of a good business shirt. On the recommendation of a priest friend I ordered online and am extremely please with the formal tailored look of the shirts I had sent to me. Though in Australia they ere here in no time. I am so happy I have ordered more.
Extremely well sewn. Top quality fabric. Classy formal taylored design. Looks very smart! I won't buy another brand again!
Father Peter Kaye from Gwynedd, Cymru
Efficient service and at a reasonable price
It was all that was required to make the short complete! An item often not easy to obtain.