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Baptism in the modern day

Priestly looks at how the Baptisms have changed over time and shares some advice for ministers officiating these ceremonies.

Five technology tips for your Church

Rev Priestly Brooks presents five technology tips for your church and stresses the importance of using 21st century tools to reach out to your congregation.

Preparing for Priesthood

Priestly looks back at his own ordination and offers some wise tips for anyone preparing for priesthood.

Priestly's guide to officiating at a funeral

Since retiring from everyday ministerial duties, Priestly Brook has accrued a wealth of knowledge in the art of officiating funerals. Here, he shares the "do's and don'ts"...

Preparing for Christmas

Priestly counts down to Christmas Day with some hilarious tales of Nativity plays that go wrong and a special message to all priests working hard through this festive period.

The making of a man

In his latest post, Priestly Brook takes us back to the trials of his first job and compares this to the challenge of his ministry training decades later...

Taking a pew - a guide to retirement

Priestly shares his advice for priests that are considering retiring from their parish.

Summer suns are glowing

Negotiating summer fetes and weddings can be a potential banana skin for priests, as Priestly Brook recalls.

My faith was born in the class of '53

Priestly Brook explains the events that led to the birth of his faith as a child.

I walked today where Jesus walked

In a breathtaking pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Priestly set out to trace the footsteps of Jesus Christ.